Benlya offers flexible equipment lease terms along with AMC and equipment finance agreements that make sense in the world of business. We can offer you programs for both new and established companies that allow you to take advantage of tax incentives and utilize your cash flow to its fullest advantage.

Examples Of Computer Equipment Leased:

  • File Servers & Backup Storage
  • Rack Equipment
  • Hardware
  • Mainframes
  • CAD/CAM systems
  • GIS Systems
  • Video Workstations
  • PC& Laptops
  • Peripherals
  • Plotters
  • Printers & Scanners
  • Routers & Switches

Benefits of Leasing IT Equipment & Computers

When run a business, one of the most important decisions that needs to be made is to buy or lease IT and computer equipment. Both buying and leasing IT equipment have their pros and cons, but more and more companies are beginning to rely on leasing computer equipment and other technology. Leasing hardware, software, licenses, warranties, and labour can all be easily done, unlike in the past when this was more of a challenge. It’s also scalable, so can add equipment easily as company and staff grow.

Cash Benefits from Leasing

The cash benefits of leasing computer and IT equipment is the most appealing to most businesses. Leasing is an operation expense (OpEx), not a capital expense (CapEx). This means lease payments are viewed as a simple monthly business expense, instead of a debt or liability. Importantly, this means monthly costs are predictable and cash flow management is more straightforward.

There are a number of cash benefits of leasing IT equipment:

  • Reduce upfront costs
  • Easily create accurate monthly budgets because of the predictable expenses
  • Monthly operational expenses look better in books than large capital expenditures
  • Tax benefits are available from leasing – consult with accountant
  • Receiving financing for leasing is easier and faster than taking out a loan to purchase equipment
  • Stable profitability for stakeholders and shareholders

Keep IT Equipment New, Efficient, and Modern

Because leases are short-term (often just a couple of years), will never be stuck with old, outdated equipment like if purchase equipment outright. When lease expires, then can upgrade to the latest equipment available. PCs, for example, are typically not even worth 10% of their original value after three years of use. With leased equipment, don’t have to worry about this liability and can simply upgrade to a newer model.

Planning for the Future

Because leasing equipment gives a fixed monthly cost that buying equipment does not provide, it’s easier for board, management, and team to plan for the future because they know what the costs will be. Further benefits of leasing IT equipment in regards to planning within company are:

  • Encouraging IT team to plan expenditures and projects
  • Encouraging management, CEOs, and CFOs to plan yearly expenditures in advance
  • Allowing better, more accurate negotiation with clients as they know equipment will be modern and reliable
  • Boosting company’s credit through leasing contracts and improving financial reputation